Our Reality

Life oh life, what are you? Such a mystery that keeps on unfolding relentlessly. No amounts of discussions can truly capture your essence. Silent contemplation can only present a glimpse of your unlimited vastness.

Question arises is Life fair to us?

Life is not a zero sum game. It is a game for sure. A brilliant game where, winning is a tricky task. The one and only game that presents the possibility to Win it all ONLY by losing EVERYTHING that you can label as yours. It is one game where you get More by Giving. When you Lose it all, you are actually Fulfilled! Are we familiar with these rules or are we deciphering the rules as we go through the various experiences that life presents? The world exists as we can imagine it. In Sanskrit, “Yatha Drishti, Tatha Shristi”.

Let us dare to imagine a world that is perfect for us. Let us purify our own thoughts.

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