Gita : Chapter 4 (portion)

When mind is clam and free from desires and worries, then awareness dawns. Awareness is the mother of all wisdom. Mistakes happen because of lack of awareness. When desires are dropped, mind is steady and settled, then the brilliance/ wisdom in you comes up. You are consumed by awareness as fire consumes the wood. The fire of knowledge burns the past karma —free of any blemish of the past. In this world there is nothing more purifying than knowledge. The arrogance of knowledge is counterproductive though. The seeker can go through the path by himself but cannot reach the perfection. One has to achieve perfection only through yoga(union) with the Self. Only time will bring that to you. Willingness to learn and having a control over the senses. One who doubts, is one who will never be happy in this world or the next. Divinity is a rhythm (Ritam) , wave function of the Universe. Get in touch with the being that is sitting in a throne in your heart. Through this union (Yoga), you will be centered and get over the doubts through wisdom and knowledge. Such a seeker will not be bound by karma.

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