Artwork- Oil Paintings

Welcome to Roshmi Bhaumik’s Artwork page for a preview of some oil on canvas works.

Bubbling Stream-

20X16 Oval Oil on Canvas

My favorite walking train is the Lobo trail around the Twin lakes. When one enters the trail, there is a dirt road that slopes down. There are tall trees on both sides. There is also a stream of water that runs on the side of the path. It is is the runoff from the East and West Lakes, also referred to as Twin Lakes. I tried to capture the gushing stream in a stationary medium.

Bubbling Stream – Oil on Canvas 20X16 Oval

Wayside Barn in Winter –

20X16 Rectangular

Mixed media on Canvas

My place of work is near IBM Boulder. When I drove on 63rd road around winter, I would see this desolate barn from my car window. It was a lonely yet familiar scene as if people are about to appear and brighten up the whole ambience.

Wayside Barn in Winter – Mixed media on Canvas 20X16 Rectangular

Sailing Boat in a Storm

20X16 Rectangular Oil on Canvas

This is a metaphorical depiction of the challenges and storms that come in our life from time to time only to subside if we can keep on going. This was inspired by a single boat on Lake Dillon around sunset on a cloudy day.

Sailing Boat in a Storm – Oil on Canvas 20X16 Rectangular

Winter Aspen Reflections

20X16 Rectangular Oil on Canvas

Colorado is famous for Aspen trees with smooth white trunks and round green leaves. In the Fall season, the leaves turn yellow and shimmer in the light breeze. Its golden beauty captures the heart of the onlooker. In winter the leaves fall off and the bare branches stare back through the remarkable black “human eyes”. This picture “Winter Aspen Reflections” is a semi-real interpretation of a row of Aspen trees beside a frozen lake.

Winter Aspen Reflections – Oil on Canvas 20X16 Rectangular


16X14 Rectangular

Mixed Media on Canvas

Spring in Colorado bursts into many colors. We see beautiful blooming flowers everywhere. The Magnolia is a special flower than signifies purity. The bud is not a pure white hue. The flower emerges in elegance as it blossoms fully. It’s enchanting fragrance induces love in our heart.

Magnolia – Mixed media on Canvas 16X14 Rectangular