True Richness

Paayoji mainye Ram-ratan dhan paayo

I have received true richness in the name of God

Vastu amolik dee meri Sataguru
kirpaa kari apnaayo….

This priceless object was given to me by my Teacher( Satguru),
who has kindly made me his own

Janam janam ki punji payee
jag mein sabhi kho aayo…..

This is the earning of several lives,
losing everything in the world

Kharchai na khutei, chor na lute
din din barhat savayo….

If you spend it, it does not get reduced
No thief can rob it from you
Each day it grows in the midst of everyone

Sat ki naav khevatiya Satguru
bhavsagar tar  aayo….

In the boat of Truth, with the boatman, my Teacher(Satguru)
I have crossed the ocean of life

Meera ke prabhu Giridhar nagar
harakh harakh jas gaayo…….

Meera, the slave of the Lord, Girdhar Nagar(Sree Krishna),
Is singing His glory to each and every one


A tiny black worm wriggled out of an opening near the belly of a pregnant black molly. It was a small fry, jet black in color. There were many such tiny fries floating around. He was the last one to come out. His mother looked at him and smiled, “I will name you Blacku.”

Blacku’s big wondering eyes were also black, hardly distinguishable from the rest of his body.  As he swam, He ran into a dozen of his siblings. He smiled and waved his fin at each of them. Right then, someone sprinkled fish food over the 100-gallon tank. All the tank inhabitants got into an eating frenzy. Poor Blacku was surprised at the reaction of his siblings as they were swimming helter-skelter trying to grab a morsel of food.  He was expecting a smile from them or maybe even a “Hi”.  He almost pouted, disappointed. But his curiosity got the better of him.Read more…

Hold on a little longer, dear

cLife presents us with puzzles and battles from time to time.
Some are larger than others. When one fights for their life, it take every ounce of strength and patience to hang in there.
Even as a friend when I hear about these troubles and battles, I can only be amazed at the courage with which they tide over these hurdles as if they were protected by some benelovent force that can make miracles happen on this earth.
In this context, I am reminded of this inspiring song by Shafqat Amanat Ali Khan
picturized in the movie Dor(2006). The heart-warming words were strung together by the Hyderabad born Urdu lyricist Mir Ali Hussain and set in tune by music directors Salim Suleman.
Here is my humble attempt at translation (in English):
At this point, relationships, faith, love and self-confidence
Have all retracted their hands,
I believed that I was holding on to the land
But my unfolded palm had nothing but ashes
Why is my heart crowded with voices,
Why is my faith withering away,
Why is this thread at its breaking point?
How will this courage give up,
How will this desire ever stop,
Even if the destination is hard to reach
Even if the shore is not visible, clearly
Even though this heart is very lonely ?
If the path is strewn with thorns,
One has to still, trudge along over it
Though a dark evening hides the Sun,
That long night will finally end
This season of hardship will change
Grit will win with flying colors
And welcome a new dawn!
If God is kind to me
Even the scroching sun will provide me shade
It is my only prayer to Him
That my goal comes to embrace me
May I dare hundred times
May every promise be upheld
May every love stay alive!

रिश्ते भरोसे चाहत यकीन
उन सबका दामन अब चाक है
समझे थे हाथों में है ज़मीन
मुट्ठी जो खोली बस ख़ाक है
दिल में ये शोर है क्यों
ईमान कमज़ोर है क्यों
नाज़ुक ये डोर है क्यों?
Rishtey bharose chahat yakein
Un sabka daaman ab chaak hain 
Samjhe they hathon mein hain zameen
Mutthi jo kholi bus khaak hain 
Dil mein yeh shor hain kyon
Imaan kamzor hain kyon
Nazuk yeh dor hain kyon? hooo..
ये हौंसला कैसे झुके,
ये आरज़ू कैसे रुके
मंजिल मुश्किल तो क्या
धुंधला साहिल तो क्या
तनहा ये दिल तो क्या
Yeh honsla kaise jhuke,
Yeh aarzoo kaise ruke
Manzil mushkil to kya
Dhundhla saahil To kya
Tanha yeh dil To kya..hoo
राह पे कांटे बिखरे अगर
उसपे तो फिर भी चलना ही है
शाम छुपाले सूरज मगर
रात को एक दिन ढलना ही है
रुत ये टल जाएगी
हिम्मत रंग लाएगी
सुबह फिर आएगी
Raah pe kaante bikhre agar
us pe to phir bhi chalna hi hain
Shaam chupa le sooraj magar
Raat ko ek din dhalna hi hain
Rut yeh tal jayegi
Himmat rang layegi
Subah phir aayegi
होगी हमें जो रहमत अत्ता
धुप कटेगी साये तले
अपनी खुदा से है ये दुआ
मंजिल लगा ले हमको गले
जुर्रत सौ बार रहे
ऊँचा इकरार रहे,
जिंदा हर प्यार रहे
Hogi hume jo rehmat Atta
Dhoop kategi saaye tale
Apni khuda se hain yeh duaa
Manzil laga le humko gale
Zurrat sau baar rahe
Uncha ikraar rahe
Zinda har pyaar rahe…hooo



This is borrowed from the teachings of Anandamayee Ma.

Just like the seed is the proof of the tree inherent in it and the full grown tree the proof of the seed….

So is the relationship between jivatma, the soul and paramatma, the Super soul.

প্রকৃত বন্ধু


দীঘির জল করে টলমল
চোখের পাতায় অশ্রুবিন্দু
হুহু মন করে ক্রন্দন
সমুখে তার করুণাসিন্ধু


রূঢ় বাক্যবাণ ক্ষতবিক্ষত প্রাণ
মন্দ বাতাস নরম প্রলেপ
দ্রুত পদক্ষেপ দৃষ্টি নিক্ষেপ
নিবিড় ছায়ায় স্নেহের লেপ


দীঘির পাড় শোনে হাহাকার
মিষ্টি পাতার গান শোনায়
মনের ভার করে উজাড়
নতুন আশায় প্রাণ ভরায়ে


অপূর্ণ বিন্দুতে পূর্ণ সিন্ধু
দীনদুঃখীর পরম আশ্রয়
চরণে লুটিয়ে করিনু প্রণাম
চিরবন্ধু হে করুণাময় ||


New Hope

Everyone, who has lived long enough, has had a frustrating day!

After many happy days, this one made me touch new depths of anger and desperation. It certainly would have been cathartic to let out some of those terrible feelings out in the open.

Thankfully, that is not what I will be sharing here. 20170501_175917

I was surprised at the healing power of a little sunshine, water, and natural beauty.


For many months, when I walked around the East lake, I had felt sad, as it had completely dried up. It looked like a big muddy crater. The West lake had water, but the level was going down every week. I was giving up hope.


I thought I would never see these lakes brimming with water, as some of the pictures my husband had shown me, almost a year ago.


Today, in the midst of hopelessness, when I went outside to clear my mind, a sweet, moist message of hope came before my eyes.


I understood that “everything will be good at the end”. It’s the wait that sometimes almost kills me.


I could not help filling my heart with beauty and gratitude. The negative feelings disappeared, stealthily, into thin air.


Being vs Doing

कर्मण्येवाधिकारस्ते मा फलेषु कदाचन। मा कर्मफलहेतुर्भूर्मा ते सङ्गोऽस्त्वकर्मणि॥

When we attach the action and results to ourselves, then we are the “doer”.

When we experience present, with no burden of past or future, then we are “being” in the moment.