Hold on a little longer, dear

Life presents us with puzzles and battles from time to time.
Some are larger than others. When one fights for their life, it takes every ounce of strength and patience to hang in there.
Even as a friend when I hear about these troubles and battles, I can only be amazed at the courage with which they tide over these hurdles as if they were protected by some benevolent force that can make miracles happen on this earth.
In this context, I am reminded of this inspiring song by Shafqat Amanat Ali Khan
picturized in the movie Dor(2006). The heart-warming words were strung together by the Hyderabad born Urdu lyricist Mir Ali Hussain and set in tune by music directors Salim Suleman.
Here is my humble attempt at translation (in English):
At this point, relationships, faith, love, and self-confidence
Have all retracted their hands,
I believed that I was holding onto the land
But my unfolded palm had nothing but ashes
Why is my heart crowded with voices,
Why is my faith withering away,
Why is this thread at its breaking point?
How will this courage give up,
How will this desire ever stop,
Even if the destination is hard to reach
Even if the shore is not visible, clearly
Even though this heart is very lonely?
If the path is strewn with thorns,
One has to still, trudge along over it
Though a dark evening hides the Sun,
That long night will finally end
This season of hardship will change
Grit will win with flying colors
And welcome a new dawn!
If God is kind to me
Even the scorching sun will provide me shade
It is my only prayer to Him
That my goal comes to embrace me
May I dare hundred times
May every promise be upheld
May every love stay alive!

रिश्ते भरोसे चाहत यकीन
उन सबका दामन अब चाक है
समझे थे हाथों में है ज़मीन
मुट्ठी जो खोली बस ख़ाक है
दिल में ये शोर है क्यों
ईमान कमज़ोर है क्यों
नाज़ुक ये डोर है क्यों?
Rishtey bharose chahat yakein
Un sabka daaman ab chaak hain 
Samjhe they hathon mein hain zameen
Mutthi jo kholi bus khaak hain 
Dil mein yeh shor hain kyon
Imaan kamzor hain kyon
Nazuk yeh dor hain kyon? hooo..
ये हौंसला कैसे झुके,
ये आरज़ू कैसे रुके
मंजिल मुश्किल तो क्या
धुंधला साहिल तो क्या
तनहा ये दिल तो क्या
Yeh honsla kaise jhuke,
Yeh aarzoo kaise ruke
Manzil mushkil to kya
Dhundhla saahil To kya
Tanha yeh dil To kya..hoo
राह पे कांटे बिखरे अगर
उसपे तो फिर भी चलना ही है
शाम छुपाले सूरज मगर
रात को एक दिन ढलना ही है
रुत ये टल जाएगी
हिम्मत रंग लाएगी
सुबह फिर आएगी
Raah pe kaante bikhre agar
us pe to phir bhi chalna hi hain
Shaam chupa le sooraj magar
Raat ko ek din dhalna hi hain
Rut yeh tal jayegi
Himmat rang layegi
Subah phir aayegi
होगी हमें जो रहमत अत्ता
धुप कटेगी साये तले
अपनी खुदा से है ये दुआ
मंजिल लगा ले हमको गले
जुर्रत सौ बार रहे
ऊँचा इकरार रहे,
जिंदा हर प्यार रहे
Hogi hume jo rehmat Atta
Dhoop kategi saaye tale
Apni khuda se hain yeh duaa
Manzil laga le humko gale
Zurrat sau baar rahe
Uncha ikraar rahe
Zinda har pyaar rahe…hooo



Sholo anai michhey – by Sukumar Ray – translated

Sholo anai michhey – by Sukumar Ray

Biddey bojhai babumoshai chori shokher boatey
Majhire kon, ” Bolte parish sujji keno othey?
Chandta keno barey komey? Joar keno ashey?”
Bridhho majhi obaak hoye phelpheliye hashey.
Babu bolen, “Sara janam morli re tui khati,
jyan bina tor jibonta je chari anai mati.”

A gentleman with loads of knowledge goes for a boat ride.
He asks the boatman, “Can you tell me why the sun rises everyday?
Why does the moon grow and shrink in phases? Why do we have tides?”
The dumbfounded old boatman has a silly smile on his face.
The intellectual states, “You labored throughout your life but
Without knowledge a quarter of your life is futile.”

Khanik badey kohen babu, “Bolto dekhi bhebey
nodir dhara kemoney ashey pahar hotey nebe ?
Bolto keno lobonpora sagar bhora pani?
Majhi shey koy, “Are moshai aoto ki aar jani ?
Babu bolen, ” ei boyoshey janish neo taki
jibonta tor nehat khelo, ashto anai phaki ?”

After  a while the erudite enquires, “Think and answer,
How does the river flow down from the mountains ?
Can you tell me why the oceans are full of salty waters?”
The poor boatman confesses ” O Gentleman, how would I know so much ?”
The learned one states, “Even at this ripe age, you do not know this,
Then is your life indeed so cheap, half of it lost ?”

Abar bhebhey kohen babu, “Bolto orey buro,
Keno emon neel dekha jaye akasher oi churo?
Bolto dekhi surjo chandey grohon laagey keno?”
Bridho boley, “Amaye keno lajja dechhen heno? ”
Babu bolen, “Bolbo ki aar, bolbo torey kita,
Dekhchhi ekhon jibonta tor baro anai britha.”

Thinking again, the gentleman questions, “Here old one can you say
Why does the far heights of of the sky apeear as blue
Why solar and lunar eclipses happen to occur ?
The aged boatman merely protests “Why are you embarassing me so?”
At this the scholar concludes, ” I do not know what to tell you,
But clearly your life is three quarters useless.”

Khanik badhey jhor utheychhey, dhew utheychhey phule,
Babu dekhen, noukakhani dublo bujhi duley.
Majhire kon, “Eki apodh! Ore o bhai majhi,
Dublo naki nouka ebar? morbo naki aaji ?”
Majhi sudhay, “Snatar jaano ?”- matha naren babu,
Murkho majhi boley, “Moshai, ekhon keno kabu ?
Banchle sheshe amar kotha hisheb koro pichhey
tomar dekhi jibon khana sholo anai michhey.”

After a while, there rose a storm, the waves puffed up
The gentleman sensed that the rocking boat could sink any moment.
He adressed the boatman, “What a menace! O brother boatman,
Is the boat about to sink ? Am I going to die ?
The boatman asked , “Do you know how to swim ?” — the man shook his head,
The illiterate boatman told him, “Why are you beaten now?
Verify my words if you finally survive this,
Looks like your life is totally in vain.

In the end the illiterate boatman questions the use of all the knowledge about the Sun, the Moon, tides and the water bodies. Was it sufficient to predict the storm let alone control it ? Did the learned gentleman even have the capacity to deal with the situation?

This is an excellent parable. Sukumar Ray, the master of irony,  brings out the difference between theoritical and real knowledge in a clever setting. (Sukumar Ray is the father of the oscar-winning film maker Satyajit Ray).The words of the dexterous poet are magical in their rythm and divine in their essence. It throws light upon the pettiness of human ego and the true purpose of life.


O kind one free me
From the shackles of illusion
I am drowning…
The floating images are laughing at me
Showing their teeth twisted and dirty
Let my head rest on your chest.

Mind is caught up in a storm
Clouds of dust, swirling monsters
Stinging the eyes, obscure veil
Where are you, my beautiful?
Cannot wait any longer
Every moment walking on quicksand.

Why did you choose to hide?
Strong bond tugging at my heart.
Where do I look, blind-folded ?
Dark doubts strangle breath
Giving up so impaitently
Looking outside in the wrong direction.

Today is magical!

Expectations are loud and proud
They fight with reality till they are worn out
Beliefs are unassuming, hidden inside
They are invincible, can you make out ?
They are the pixie dust that are part of us!
Today dawns like any other
But it comes with secret power
The trees say it to their leaves
They rustle softly, create music
The wind shares old mysteries
As moonlight spins her web of magic
My heart whispers to me, “this is not ordinary!”


Life presents surprises, catches us unaware…

Nothing is lost when hope thrives in our heart.

Absurd are the rules to judge people

Love them for our own sake

We all are alone in our world  of experiences

Let us remove the fear of the end

Embrace life as it comes, it does care

Nothing can put us down if we can dare


Tonight the breeze blows
softly through the leaves,
The trees laugh back.
The night is dark and graceful
Like a young lady behind the veil.
Silence spins a mystery.
The moon is glowing, in the clear sky.
No one can equal its beauty and pride.
Hiding behind the rustling leaves,
It has a mischievous smile.
Without a doubt, it is it’s own rival.
Looking at the moon I am thinking of you.
I know that you are perfect for me.
I even dare to believe, tonight
That I am just perfect for you,
Waiting for the perfect time to meet.

Impatient Girl

There is a tiring journey ahead,
Focus on your destination
As hope excitement fade,
And there comes a diversion.
Aimless challenges lure you
Torture follows when you crave,
Without surrender, there is no bliss,
Know “to be patient, is to be brave.”
To have left things half-done
Dismissing grand possibilities,
You are the impatient one
Doubting your own abilities.
Follow the path, your duty
Keep alive undying courage
The world conspires to realize
And unveil your true image