Nothing prepared me to be a parent. Just had to learn as we go. It was hard to accept  that we make mistakes. Tons of them! What we see before us, in a way, is a reflection of us. Good or bad you gotta love it. Sometimes we need to back off, let the reigns loose. Try something new. Take a risk.The results can be quite interesting…

Parenting has its challenges and advantages too.
This is a story written by my nine-year-old son as part of his spelling homework. He had to use 15 words and make a short story.

Here is his story:

There was a scientist. He lived in the country of U.S.A in Colorado, Boulder county. He had a lot of knowledge to represent mathematical models for weather prediction. He knew ten languages. he was working on decimal equations and his desk was full of papers. right then, he thought of calling his friend who lived in China. His friend told him a joke which made him burst with laughter. He became quite careless and slipped on the papers. He fell down and fractured his arm. Finally, he visited his doctor to get it fixed. The doctor measured his arm to determine the size of the cast. He used high temperature beams to fit the cast on his arm.

My daughter who is seven years old got excited and also wrote a story.

Here is her story:
Title: Family
by Neha Bhaumik

Once upon a time, there was a lady named Jenny. She had five daughters named Jewel, Lisa, Emma, Grace and Nicole. Jewel is fifteen. Lisa is twelve. Emma is ten. Grace is nine. Nicole is 5. Once at Jewel’s school , there was a school dance. A family letter came home. It overjoyed the sisters. Jewel was puzzled. “Where do we go ?” she asked. “To school on Friday night 5:00 pm sharp,” said Jenny. “Okay,” they said. “Now I get it,” said Jewel. On Friday they arrived on time. Jewel met a nice man named Jake. “Hi,” they said. Nicole grabbed Jewel. “Are you out of your mind, ” Nicole yelled. “Let’s go. OK,” said Jenny. “OK,” the girls said. And they had a lovely night.
The End

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