Problem turned inside out

Today Clara found herself in the middle of an urgent problem. Her first reaction was to stress. “I followed every direction given to me. Still things went wrong. How can this be my fault ? ” , she protested. Anger pumped her blood faster. Clara was still fighting to accept failure when the actual test was not yet over. Little did she consider that unplanned surprises always accompany real-life problems.

She feared the worst. Is she incompetent ? In an honest attempt to determine this, Clara tried to play in her mind the chronology of events that had led to the current situation. A hard working employee, Clara, wrote extensive notes when taking over this new work. She went over them carefully. Surely enough, the normal procedure did not cover this situation. Fortunately, she had a few colleagues who gave her time to discuss this matter. As she explained the position in her own words, the problem rendered itself clearer . There are many players involved in this operation, besides herself. She recognized the other key participant was the Quality Assurance team. They could have done things differently. Different conditions could be considered at the starting point. If only she had not assumed that or avoided this.  Alas! she could not foresee all these things. At such times, it seemed like a web of conspiracies that led her to failure.” Is this someone else’s master plan ? ” she questioned. In reality, she was giving herself too much credit by taking the full blame.

Eventually, poor Clara gave up trying to clear herself from being accused. The situation will get worse if she put the blame on others. She struggled to stay calm. Her mind flew back to her childhood when her mother helped soothe her frustration. Clara’s mom used to sing a song “Que sera sera. Whatever will be, will be. The future’s not ours to see. She took a deep breath. With trust in Almighty, she was ready to surrender to the situation.

Upon declaring herself guilty, she realized that others were not trying to punish her. They were indeed looking up to her to solve the issue.  Clara became aware of her actual responsibility. With the blame game out of the equation, her mind quietened and targeted on the facts, with objectivity. The focus shifted to the next step forward. Clara had been ignoring this crucial piece: the urgent fix. The solution was staring at her in the face this whole time.  Her close friend brought her attention to it. Suddenly, she realized that all the reasons “why” the problem happened were little clues to prevent it. Beneath the guise of the problem, was lurking a brilliant recovery plan.

After she provided the immediate workaround to the QA team, the stress dissipated. This gave her more time to ponder over the detailed solution.

In every hard problem is hidden a great opportunity….

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