Holiday Season

Holiday means a break from getting rushed to get somewhere.

Holiday means a break in routine to celebrate the gifts we have in our lives.

Holiday means a break from our set rules and believing in dreams and magic!



Thoughts on Magic

Imagine… that is what creates magic!


I am sure everyone has seen some form of magic in their lifetime.
Is magic an impossible feat?
Magic appears to have broken all the natural laws. If it was really impossible then why are we discussing it? Magic is very much possible in the real world with real rules.

So what makes magic so extraordinary is probably just a mindset. The magician challenges the core assumptions in our mind. While the mind holds on tightly to these rules, what happens, in reality, seems impossible and amazing….

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Sometimes it rains,
pouring on the ground.
When the heart breaks,
it makes no sound.


No one ever hears
the murmur or crack.
Casual eyes do miss
this invisible attack.

Pent storm of emotions,
knows no bound.
When the heart breaks,
it makes no sound.

Shattered glasses reflect
scattered images of joy.
Who then can resurrect
life in an earthen toy?

Who reveals the way
to treasures, not found?
When the heart breaks
it makes no sound.

Narzulgeeti : Sure o Banir Mala

সুরেও বাণীর মালা দিয়ে তুমি আমারে ছুইয়াছিলে,
Sure o Banir mala diyey tumi amaray chhuiya chilay(2)
অনুরাগ কুমকুম দিলে দেহে মনে
Anuraag kumkum dilay dehey mone(2)
বুকে প্রেম কেন নাহি দিলে ।
Bukay prem keno nahin dilay…(2)
আমারে ছুইয়াছিলে,
amaray chhuiya chilay
When you had touched me with a garland of words and tune,
You poured crimson dust of passion over my body and mind
But why didn’t you fill my heart with love…. when you had touched me.
বাঁশি বাজাইয়া লুকালে তুমি কোথায়,
Banshi bajaiya lukalay tumi kothay?
যে ফুল ফোটালে সে ফুল শুকায়ে যায়
Je phul photalay se phul shukayey jai …. (2)
কি যেন হারায়ে প্রাণ করে হায় হায়,
Ki jeno harayey pran koray hai hai
কি যে চেয়ে ছিলে কেন কেড়ে নাহি নিলে ।
Ki je cheyechilay keno kere nahi nilay? …(2)
আমারে ছুইয়াছিলে,
amaray chhuiya chilay
Where did you hide after playing the flute?
The flower that blossomed because of you is now withering away
What have I lost that my heart cries out, unconsoled
Why did you not claim by force what you wanted….when you touched me.
জড়ায়ে ধরিয়া কেন ফিরে গেলে বল কোন অভিমানে.
Joraye dhariya keno phire gele bolo kon abhimane
কেন জাগে নাকো আর সেমাধুরী রস আনন্দ প্রানে
Keno jage nako aar se madhuri rosh anondo praney
তোমারে না বুঝে বুঝেছিনু আমি ভুল
Tomare na bujhe bujhinu ami bhul
এসেছিলে তুমি ফোটাতে প্রেম মুকুল
Eshechile tumi photate premo mukul
কেন আঘাত হানি প্রিয়তম
সে ভুল নাহি ভাঙ্গালে।
Keno aghat hani priyotamo(2)
shey bhul nahi bhangale
আমারে ছুইয়াছিলে,
amaray chhuiya chilay
After hugging me why did you turn away and leave?
Tell me what was your grievance against me
Why does that thrill of sweet romance never again arouse in my heart
I understand my mistake that I failed to understand you
You had come to nurture the bud of love to blossom
Why did you not strike me, oh my love
and destroy my misunderstanding …when you had touched me

Song link Sung by Pandit Ajoy Chakraborty

Durge durge durgati nashini

Shubho MahaAshtami. God bless everyone.


Durge durge durgati nashini

Mashishashurmardini jai Ma Durge

Devi durge jagatajanani , tumi Ma mongolokarini (2)

Durge durge (chorus)

Dashabhuja dashashatrashalini


Aditiya tumi Ananya (2)

Bhabani Ma dukhaharini..

Durge durge (chorus)

Shumbha Nishumbha

Danabadalani bhakti-mukti-dayini

Jagaproshobini mohajogini(2)

Chandike Ma Shivani

Durge durge(chorus)

Shatagune Mahasaraswati

Rajagune Mahalakmi rupini

Tamagune Ma Durga tumi(2)

Mahamaya go Shanatani..

Durge durge(chorus)

Video link:Durge durge durgoti nashini

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