by Roshmi Bhaumik

A sheet of paper is more powerful than it looks

We can draw on it a voluminous sphere or cube

Capable of imagining with added dimensions

Depicting on a medium the varied projections

Just as a cube casts on the ground, a distinct shadow

A square or rhombus, based on the direction of glow


Thus changes our form with the passage of time

Taking the shape of body, the conscious sublime

Years ago born to the world, a helpless baby

Now an adult, later wrinkled and bent maybe

After death are we projected again in space

In a different time, with a different face…?


Where do we start, where do we end ?

Confused in a world of fear and hatred

We desperately seek our loving Creator

Who is omnipresent yet elusive forever

Bigger than stars, yet smaller than a neutron

Secretly hidden, the multidimensional one!


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