by Roshmi Bhaumik

I had come visiting her home

one random day

Unable to contain her excitement

she came to the door

Initimate moments spent together

seemed like ages ago

Never suspected positive emotions

were preserved so long.


Her gentle hands came over me

pressing firm but soft

She brought her face close to mine

noses almost touching

She tried to say a lot of things

missed the details

Message of love was loud and clear

as in true friendships.


I asked her to calm down

patted her head

I brushed her long golden hair

sprayed fresh cologne

Together we walked to the park

on a bright afternoon

She pulled me everywhere, exhuberant

I barely kept up.


Finally I sat on a bench, exhausted

her head on my lap

She jumped around me some more

then gave me a kiss

Her simple love, unpolluted by rules

I had not earned it

But there it was, the amicable vibes

And the friendly bark.

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