by Roshmi Bhaumik


Glassy shimmering sheet of green

Edges lined forthy slime in between

Rows of tall spiky upright blades

Bulrushes with brown sausages


Black-yellow intricate design

Lively dragonfly settles awhile

Warm moist richness brings

Fluttering heart-shaped wings
Small dark swarms in the air

Tiny gnats vying for their share

A honking flock of geese

Arrive without prior notice
A sudden drop, just a plop

Concentric rings spread atop

In the middle, bubbles stirred

Floating pearls come apart
Gentle breeze rythmic heaves

Dark and bright  excited leaves

Far away from hustle bustle

Hearing leaves softly rustle


Cotton waves on pale blue seas

Birds chirping sweet melodies

A subtle awareness of presence

The picture of blissful coexistance


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