by Roshmi Bhaumik


Stretching across the horizon

Calm and reflecting broadness

Heaving bumps close to shore

White foams thrashing on sands


Standing on dark beige beach

Feeling a forceful inward pull

Grains receeding under my feet

Followed by a vigorous thrust

Lift and smash in a sudden burst

Salty water rushing all around


Like waves unbeatable twists in life

Knocks you off when faced head-on

Instantly crumbles down wish castles

Built by industrious creative lil’ hands


Nonchalantly pick up the board

Long flat platform under the arm

Bobbing up and down in the water

Moving towards cool inviting depths

Experienced ones are patient

Waiting for the perfect declivity


No time for anxiety or hesitation

Success and failure are relative

Turn around and jump on its top

Or crushed under its cruel paws


Swirling waters with frothy laces

Excitement rush, crowning height

Melt with flow, blend with strength

Enjoy your ride on a curling wave

Under both feet, beauty and power

Within  moments sloping into sands


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