Short Stories

What is story ?

My pursuit is to understand how to write interesting stories that are worth sharing with everyone. A story has a beginning, a middle and an end. A story should present a problem. Through a chain of events it will reach a solution.  It should have an overall message.


On a wayward journey

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True Richness

Paayoji mainye Ram-ratan dhan paayo

I have received true richness in the name of God

Vastu amolik dee meri Sataguru
kirpaa kari apnaayo….

This priceless object was given to me by my Teacher( Satguru),
who has kindly made me his own

Janam janam ki punji payee
jag mein sabhi kho aayo…..

This is the earning of several lives,
losing everything in the world

Kharchai na khutei, chor na lute
din din barhat savayo….

If you spend it, it does not get reduced
No thief can rob it from you
Each day it grows in the midst of everyone

Sat ki naav khevatiya Satguru
bhavsagar tar  aayo….

In the boat of Truth, with the boatman, my Teacher(Satguru)
I have crossed the ocean of life

Meera ke prabhu Giridhar nagar
harakh harakh jas gaayo…….

Meera, the slave of the Lord, Girdhar Nagar(Sree Krishna),
Is singing His glory to each and every one

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