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What is story ?

My pursuit is to understand how to write interesting stories that are worth sharing with everyone. A story has a beginning, a middle and an end. A story should present a problem. Through a chain of events it will reach a solution.  It should have an overall message.


On a wayward journey


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Fun Lunch

Today I called over some friends and cooked up a storm! Just kidding it was a lot of work but the results were better than the work I put in. You know what I mean ;).

Started off with a Potato Leek soup that everyone loved.

With it were blanched edamame with sea salt and a hint of Indian spices. The girls loved the deviled eggs. The filling had tuna, boiled egg yolks, small amount of shallots, green onion, cilantro, pepper and paprika sprinkled on top.

Main course had baked spicy salmon steaks, Bengali style Chili chicken and Chinese Fried rice. I had plain rice and sea weeds as special favorites of one of the picky eaters.

Dessert was homemade Abuela Marie Vanilla cream with Raspberry syrup!

Everyone enjoyed. It was totally worth the effort :D.

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