WHO AM I ? (what I am NOT)

Here is an approach. This may answer some of the questions and bring many more …


1.Am I my female human body? My body has changed so much from when I was a baby to the present time. It has mostly grown through all the eating through years. Sometimes by conscious eating and exercise it shrank a little as well. A haircut or weight-loss changes the appearance and the opposite is true as well. When my body changes it does not change my innate tendencies. My body is the outer layer over me. My Annamayakosha is not me.

2. Am I my disposition, my metabolism, my hunger, my sensations and my actions? Overtime, I have changed how I react to situations. Though careful observation and understanding I have been able it have more control over them. My hunger and metabolism varies with age and overall temperament. It is not constant. When it is summer, I feel hot. When it is winter I feel cold. It is changing with the outside environment. It is not constant either. My actions may be judged as good or bad. This expression of me is a layer over the true me. My Pranamayakosha is not me.

3. Am I my thoughts and feelings? My actions produces a certain the result. I may interpret the results positively or negatively depending on my thoughts and experiences. I may love a thing or person or have the complete opposite feeling. It is influenced our desires and aspirations. But major life events or continuous practice of certain habits may change how a person interprets events and thus create a different ambiance in his minds and create different thoughts. My thoughts and feelings change frequently. They form my Manamayakosha but not me.

4. Am I the same person if I am awake or if I am sleeping? My world as I see it and the drama that is associated with it changes whether I am dreaming or whether I am in the material world. I still have a sense of duty and an awareness of the person I am. I am sure everyone at one point in their life woke up from a dream, sweating because they were in the midst of a challenging situation that they needed to face and resolve. In a waking state the problems of the dream world disappears and we can laugh at the strange logic we were applying in our dreams. Our experience was similar to real world experience, just like virtual reality. Our rules and understanding are modified according to the world we choose to be in. I am the same person whether I am dreaming or waking or gaming. My Vijnanamayakosha is not me.

5. My true self, at its core has a happy and peaceful nature. This is the Ananadamayakosha.
I am a peace loving (Shanti) soul (Om). “Om Shanti”.

What is the soul ?
The soul is living , conscious and observant. It is the driver.
It is peaceful and loving. It is connected with the Supreme being.
It is invisible with our five senses.

What differences are there between the body and the soul ?
Body is a costume that the soul wears to describe its current personality(sanskara).
The soul changes bodies or costumes as it changes or develops its personality. The body is essentially made of material things that are “living” only because of the soul inside. When the soul leaves the body, the body is non-living.
The soul is the driver of the body and gives life to the body.

What are Mind, Intellect and Sanskaras ?

Mind creates thoughts, feelings and emotions. It is not limited by time, space or reality.

It should be controlled. (If you think of something you will say it. If you say it then you will do it.)

Intellect uses logic to discriminate and judge a thought before acting upon it. It understands and assesses.

It should be enhanced.

Sanskaras are impressions of the soul that have been the created by past actions and experiences. It controls the tendencies of the soul.

It needs to be molded in ways that lead to a peaceful and happy mind.

Sanskaras effect thoughts. Thoughts, actions and Sanskaras form a cycle of karma.

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