Birth of the Universe


The Grand Universe

Several theories, experiments and measurements over many many years of research have given us a possible picture of the universe that exists. We come to realize that Earth is a relatively small plant orbiting in the gravitational field of a relatively small sized star, the Sun, in a relatively small galaxy the Milky way in a universe that has many many such galaxies.  Zooming out, we , humans, are but a small specks on the planet Earth.

When we think of these huge bodies in space we need to adjust our scale. A more convenient measure of distance in this frame is a light-year. A light-year is the distance that light can travel in one year. Given, the speed of light in space is about 300,000 km per sec, the Moon, Earth’s satellite is about 1.5 light sec from the Earth. Yet for all practical purposes, the Moon is out of our reach.

Man has wondered how this huge universe was created. Did it have a beginning or was it always there. The big bang theory claims that there was a particular moment in time, ten to fifteen billion years ago when  the universe was created.  Before this, there was no proton, neutron or atom or molecule.  Matter, as we know it, that consists of atoms and molecules, did not exist before this. This seemingly endless universe got created out of nothing or something that we cannot perceive as existing with our five senses.

Is this non-matter entity that cannot be perceived with the five senses the creator of the universe?