Yesterday, after the yoga class the instructor mentioned how she got rid of bloating and has lost over 10 pounds by removing meat from her diet. Is meat  difficult to digest for some people or is it just difficult to digest for all human beings?

Let us look at how our digestive system compare with other animals.

One of the difference is in the amount of Hyrdochloric acid produced by the stomach. The other is the shape and length of the intestine. herbivore_carnivoreThe carnivorous animals have smaller intestines to easily get rid of the broken down proteins. Longer intestines are designed for fiber-rich vegetables

The third is the shape and sharpness of the teeth. Herbivores have grinding teeth. Carnivores have cutting teeth. Humans have both.

I was surprised to find a few unusual connections about our body.

Bad teeth indicates bad stomach function.

Osteoporosis is related to meat intake. In other words vegetarians can have strong bones.

Acidity and dehydration are related.

Dehydration can make you sick and tired.

For sure what we eat and drink and how it is digested have a profound effect on our body.