Thoughts on rules

  1. To judge right and wrong we need to know that we “are” what we measure. What is not measured is not judged. But still, those factors may have a huge impact (over time) on the quality of “what is being measured”. How can that be accounted for? The criteria put together to qualify for a position should not undermine the basic expectations. Isn’t a teacher/guide just like a mother or father to little kids? Do they help build self-confidence and decision-making power?
  2. How do we inculcate tolerance for differences, for example, a difference in gender? How do we promote mutual respect? What are the pillars of human behavior?Do we believe that there is something good in every human-being, irrespective of how different they seem? Are we giving respect to others and ourselves?
  3. In a relationship, shouldn’t the person with the greater power take greater responsibility? How can we stop looking for quick fixes/ band-aids and go for the real cure? How do we promote humans who understand what is right for themselves?  How do we create a society, where people are compassionate rather than judging each other?
  4. When a person is overpowered by animal instincts do they think about right or wrong? Do they think about punishment? Does the current judiciary system work? How do we reform those who have gone astray? Are we going to give up on them and treat them how we never want to be treated? Aren’t we all humans capable of love?
  5. Are we focussing on moving forward, the right way? How are we (the human race) going to be saved if men and women cannot co-exist peacefully? What are the things that need to be highlighted? How do we connect it to each individual’s emotions ?