by Roshmi Bhaumik

Many raconteurs divulge a story

Hark and feel its every fact

Same phrase, varied implication

And the tale twist its path

Vessels to carry mind images,

Words are empty, thoughts real 

Many influencers touch our lives

Relatives friends and strangers

Interactions build channels

Yet they change with the years

Receptacle to hold human attachment,

Relations are empty, feelings real  

Many life forms unite in lovemaking

Attracting same or opposite gender

Not every heart burns with ardor

Nor every act culminates in pleasure

Containers accommodating desire,

Copulations are empty, passions real

Many pathways lead to the summit

Countless ambitions fulfilled

Not every obstacle is scaled alike

Nor every lookout has same view

Wrappers containing each lifestory

Characters are empty, travels real.

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