Puranjana -II

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King Puranjana married the woman and planned to live in the city for one hundred years. The city, Bhovagati (Enjoyment) had nine gates, each serving a special purpose of sense gratification. There were five gates in the east, two gates in the west, and one each on the north and south side.
Two east facing gates, Skylight and Forward-looking, were used by the King, to visit the city of Colorful Form, accompanied by a friend named Light. Through the other two gates named Nostril, the King used to go to the city of Fragrance with his friend Olfaction.
The fifth gate situated on the eastern side was named Chief. Through this gate, with friends named Taste and Elocution, he used to visit the cities Refreshments and  Speech.
Accompanied by his friend Hearing, through the southern gate Worldly and the northern gate Heavenly, King Purañjana used to visit the cities named Low-knowledge and High- knowledge respectively.

On the western side was a gate named Genital. Through that gate, King Purañjana used to go to the city of Fornication, with by his friend Intoxication.
Another gate on the western side was known as Anus. Purañjana used to go through this gate to the place known as Nether, accompanied by his friend Peristalsis. Of the many inhabitants of this city, there are two blind men named Hands and Feet.
Although King Purañjana was the ruler of the city, he, unfortunately, used to
associate with these blind men and perform various activities.
Sometimes he used to go to his private home with one of his chief servants, Intellect.
At that time, illusion, satisfaction, and happiness came to him from his wife and family.
Being thus entangled in different types of mental concoction and engaged in fruitive activities, King Purañjana came completely under the control of material intelligence.
Indeed, he used to fulfill all the desires of his wife, the Queen.
When the Queen drank liquor, King Purañjana also engaged in drinking.
When the Queen dined, he used to dine with her, and when she chewed,
King Purañjana used to chew along with her. When the Queen sang, he also sang.
Similarly, when the Queen cried, he also cried, and when the Queen laughed, he also laughed.
When the Queen quipped, he did the same. When the Queen walked, the King walked
behind her. When the Queen would stand still, the King would also stand still.

When the Queen
would lie down in bed, he would also follow and lie down with her. When the Queen sat, he would also sit,
and when the Queen heard something, he would follow her to hear the same thing. When the Queen saw something,
the King would also look at it, and when the Queen smelled something, the King would follow her to smell the
same thing. When the Queen touched something, the King would also touch it, and when the dear Queen was
lamenting, the poor King also had to follow her in lamentation. In the same way, when the Queen felt
enjoyment, he also enjoyed, and when the Queen was satisfied, the King also felt satisfaction.
In this way, King Purañjana was captivated by his nice wife and was thus cheated. Indeed, he became
cheated in his whole existence in the material world. He remained under the control of his wife, just like a pet animal that dances according to the order
of its master.



Thoughts of today


  • It is a good day – I woke up breathing
  • The right way to hydrate – eat food with at least 70% water content
  • Moon phases, tides and effect on animals and humans who are largely water
  • Earth is self healing. May be humans should leave it alone
  • A new story published https://www.thedailystar.net/literature/the-greatest-gift-1604863

O Rain clouds of foriegn skies

Phirse aaiyo badra bidesi tere pankhon pey moti jadungi
O rain clouds of the foreign skies, please come again this way.
I will decorate your wings with precious pearls.

Bharke jaaiyo hamari talaiyya mein talaiyya kinare milungi
tujhe mere kale kamli vale kesu.
Come and fill up my lake with water. I will wait for you by the lake,
May you be as dark and soft as my flowing locks.

Tere jane ki rut mey jaanti hu mudh ke aane ki reet hai ki nahi
kale darga se poochungi jaake tere man mey bhi preeth hai ke nahi
kachchi puliya se hoke gujariyo kachchi puliya kinare milungi
Phirse aaiyo badra bidesi tere pankhon pey moti jadungi
tujhe mere kale kamli vale ki saundh.
I am familiar with the season when you go away.
But do you ever follow the custom of turning back?
I will ask the old tombs of the saints whether you harbor love in your heart.
Take the road by the wooden bridge, I will be waiting for you there. 

Tu jo ruk jaaye meri atariya main atariya pey jhaalar lagadoo
daaloo char taaveez gale mey apne kaajal se bindiya lagaadoo
chhuke jaaiyo hamari bageechey mein peepal ke aadhe milungi
Phirse aaiyo badra bidesi tere pankhon pey moti jadungi
If you stop by my window, I will put strips of sparkling decoration on my window.
I will put four talisman around your neck and put a spot on your forehead with my own kajaal(eye makeup) for your protection.
Caress my garden as you go by, I will watch you from behind the cover of the peepal tree.

Lyrics by Gulzar, song by Asha Bhonsle

How will it end ?

With the recent suicides of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain, the question arises if this is becoming a trend among successful people or human society as a whole? When people are struggling to prove themselves, the above-mentioned celebrities are successful role models in their own capacity. With Net Worth amounting to 200 million and 16 million dollars respectively, they are among the top 1% wealthy people in the United States of America. For some reason, not clear to me, they concluded that their lives were not worthy enough. What could be that reason?

A small unassuming, may be even unimportant question, clings as a shadow to this bigger question. Meek words form in wonder an idea that is not well-addressed by society. “Have we moved away from the essence of life ?” “Are we measuring our worth the right way?”

A lot of people are feeling sad in the wake of these unfortunate events. Is drowning ourselves in sorrow the right reaction? Is this the way to bring to light how much society hopereally cares? Would this be the new way to get fame and attention? Is this the way to end?


I am just going to let me emotions go wild…

It is special bond that we have with our grandparents. When I remeber the loving moments shared and the enchanting stories they had related, it still makes my heart dance with joy. My grand mother often told me stories of the big house in Akhalia where my grandfather and his elder brother’s family stayed together long long ago.

They had a cowshed that had a glass basin draining the cow urine to fertilize the cauliflower patches in the huge vegetable garden, adjacent to the house. Several dozen servents worked at the house, which was built on 25 acres of land.

A few miles from their house, was situated a furniture factory called “Joytara Woodworks” that they owned. There was story of an enchanting boat ride on a moonlit night from the wood factory to their house over a canal from one of the tributaries of the Surma River.

Growing up in Kolkata, when I heard these stories, I was transported to a land of magic. I often wondered what is actually looks like today.

Last month, when a friend asked me where my paternal home was, I was not able to provide a concrete location of this magical place in the map. It bothered me so much that I decided to search out my roots.

Crazy winds – Rainy day

পাগলা হাওয়ার বাদল-দিনে
পাগল আমার মন জেগে ওঠে।।

Pagla hawar badal dine
Pagol amar mon jege othey
On a rainy day with crazy winds,
my whimsical mind wakes up from its slumber

চেনাশোনার কোন বাইরে যেখানে পথ নাই নাই রে
সেখানে অকারণে যায় ছুটে।।

Chenashonar kon baire, jekhane poth nai naire
Shekhane okarone jaye chhutey
Beyond the familiar corner, where there is no beaten path,
that is where she runs to, for no apparent reason.

ঘরের মুখে আর কি রে কোনো দিন সে যাবে ফিরে
যাবে না, যাবে না-
দেয়াল যত সব গেল টুটে।।
যাবে না, যাবে না…

Ghorer mukhe aar ki re, kono din shey jabey phire
jabe na , jabe na –
Deaal joto shob gelo tutey
jabe na, jabe na…
At this point, will she ever return, homeward?
Will not go, will not go –
All the walls have broken down.
Will not go, will not go..

বৃষ্টি-নেশা-ভরা সন্ধ্যাবেলা কোন বলরামের আমি চেলা
আমার স্বপ্ন ঘিরে নাচে মাতাল জুটে-
যত মাতাল জুটে।

Brishti-nesha-bhora sandhyabela kon balaramer ami chela
Amar swapno ghire nachey matal jutey-
Joto matal jutey.
On this rain-intoxicated evening,
wonder which demi-God she is devoted to.
Dancing drunkards circle around her dreams.

যা না চাইবার তাই আজি চাই গো,
যা না পাইবার তাই কোথা পাই গো।
পাব না, পাব না,
মরি অসম্ভবের পায়ে মাথা কুটে।।
পাব না, পাব না,

Ja na chaibar tai aaji chai go
Ja na paibar tai kotha pai go
Pabo na, pabo na,
Mori Ashambhaber paaye matha kute
Pabo na, pabo na..
It craves for things that should not be craved for
Where can she snatch away, what she was not meant for ?
Will not get, Will not get –
No matter how much she pleads with the Impossible.
Will not get, will not get

The song was later used in a (2006) Bengali movie Bong Connaction.