Love Seeker

Rumpa quickly wrote a few words with black ink on the white paper and started to wonder about something.
She stared at the open sky through the grille on the window. Some black clouds had gathered from the east were slowly moving west. After a while a shallow darkness descended all around. Outside, the branches of a tall tree began to sway in a whispering sound.
The girl was distracted in her thoughts. The leaf flew off the table and fell to the ground Suddenly, Rumpa became aware of this and quickly closed the window. Are the words written on the paper important to her?

She picked up the paper and sat down at the table again Then she added two more words
To the right of the table were two or three thick books. One of them was the Bangla Dictionary. Rumpa opened it, turned the pages and began to search for the meaning of the words.

Attraction – pull, bring to yourself
Sincere – heartfelt, psychic, emotional, candid, genuine
Intimate – Intimate (relationship), intimate (friend)
Love – love, romance, affection, affection, affection, devotion
Relationships – Relationships, Relationships, Connections
Heart – chest ground, inner part of chest; Mind, heart, mind

The girl had a black handsome face in front of her eyes. It was as if the inside of her chest was feeling empty. She did not understand what unknown attraction was drawing her.
Rumpa is in 12th grade, at Garden High School. She has her high school exams coming up in three months. Studying is going on in full swing. Her mother admitted her to Prabir Babu’s tuition this year to improve her marks in Bengali. Many students from Rumpa’s school took tuition from Prabirbabu.

One day the girl had reached the class a little earlier. A tall black boy from her school, was laughing and talking to some of his friends. Rumpa looked at him and couldn’t take her eyes off him for a moment. She felt the pull of an invisible magnet. After a while, Rumpa had to look away.
As soon as Prabirbabu entered the room, he turned his focus at the boys and asked, “Krishnendu, what are you talking about?” The black boy turned around and said, “Nothing, Sir. We were talking about the new dog at Nilu’s house.” Prabirbabu smiled and said, “Well, let’s sit down and open the book.” Krishnendu winked at his friends. The naughty smile on his face said that Prabirbabu was not told the truth about their story. This kindled further Rumpa’s curiosity about him.

That day, half of Prabirbabu’s words did not reach her ears The book on the history of Bengali literature was opened in front of her, at the opening line of the Charyapada:

What happened to Radha’s heartache?
Sitting by herself, alone, without listening to anyone’s words ||

being under the influence of love, Rumpa got her first shock about a week later. Suddenly she started having stomach aches during the English class. After enduring for a while, she raised his hand and asked Miss Lena’s permission to go to the girls’ bathroom. Row upon row of five doors were open but Rumpa still stood there without getting in. In front of the last door, Krishnendu hugged Zeenat and kissed her on the lips. As soon as he saw Rumpa, he smiled and said, “Come on, you haven’t seen anything.”
Rumpa’s heart was pounding. She thought it might explode soon. But she felt relieved for a moment after solving her stomach-ache problem Was she dreaming? Or is Zeenat’s luck really that good ? she remembered the words, “But you haven’t seen anything.” She decided, right then and there that she will never to talk to them again.

The wind was blowing outside, with a loud whispering sound. She had closed the window herself. Now she could clearly hear that it had started to rain. Thinking about all this, Rumpa’s kajal-clad bright eyes filled with tears. She quickly wiped them with the sleeve of her blouse. She did not like crying. What a helpless lifeless existence it seems. She saw that for herself when Krishnendu was crying that day. He was walking alone on the way to the school. Seeing her, he quickly wiped his eyes and tried to smile. But she did not like that artificial smile. Seeing Rumpa’s compassionate face, he felt a little uncomfortable. He sighed and said, ” Damn, it is useless to think, nobody cares. My parents are getting separated.” Rumpa felt a hard jolt again. Her mind became anxious with the grief of her loved one. Sorrow and happiness seem to come hand in hand. There is sadness in bondage and sorrow in the release of bondage, as well. What can our the poor mind do?

After that day, they would occasionally meet in the alley leading to the school. Rumpa used to tell her friend about her day. Gradually she realized that she could not free herself from this attraction.

Going out through the school gate last Thursday, a little farther down, where the alley became a little wider and curved by the side of the park, Rumpa saw five or six boys standing and smoking. Rumpa saw that they were Krishnendu’s friends. It seemed to her that Krishnendu may also standing there. Out of curiosity, she crossed the road and came near the boys. The smell of smoke was unfamiliar to her. The cigarettes looked like they were badly made, crumpled and uneven. Rumpa suddenly felt frightened.

A boy with curly hair looked at her, his eyes were red, intoxicated, coming from another world. But the gaze was not looking at her. It seemed to pierce her body and looking beyond. It was as if her body had become transparent and something could be seen inside As soon as the boy raised his hand, Rumpa slipped away and started running with all her strength and finally she stopped at the bus stop, ahead. She didn’t get so scared for many many days.

As she thought, Rumpa’s heart was beating fast. How strange was the look in those eyes, far from reality. Is it possible to get rid of life’s pain, this way? She couldn’t think anymore. How her head was throbbing. After a while, she leaned her head on the table and fell asleep.

In the park, under a big banyan tree, a young girl in a sari was lying with her head on Krishnendu’s lap. Going closer, Rumpa saw that her face was exactly like hers The attractive eyes wearing kajal, were calling her. Krishnendu was running his fingers through her hair. Mother’s sweet voice came from afar, “Get up dear, get up from the table, go sleep in your bed.” Rumpa didn’t want to get up. Her heart was full of unparalleled joy.

Today her backpack is light. It is the last day of school. A familiar call came from behind, “Rumpa, wait up!” The girl looked around and smiled brightly. Krishnendu’s gaze stopped at her face for a moment “You’re so happy today. What’s the matter?” Rumpa chuckled and said, “Just like that!” “Then be just like that. It suits you.” The two of them looked up at each other and laughed heartily, just like that.


A loving voice of an aged women came floating through the air, “Henry, Henry!! Come here, baby.” Seeing no response on the other end she called again. She was standing under a shady maple tree with another friend whose dog was near her. As she started to call the third time, she was startled by a reproaching “Woof, woof!!” from her friend’s dog. It came right next to her, wagging its tail and looked at her face. Mrs. Garelick puckered up her face and wondered if her voice was too loud and imperative. She stopped calling. But Henry needed to come ASAP! He was too far and she was losing sight of him.

Henry was happily admiring the white blossoms of a mock orange bush by the roadside. What a beautiful day it was! Bright sunshine had washed the road and a light breeze from the south made the ambience just perfect. A faint yet bewitching fragrance was drawing him closer to the bush. With his little feet he ventured closer to the flowers. The bush was towering over him. Suddenly he heard a soft chirping sound. He waited for a few moments and sure enough there it was again.

Henry was thrilled to realize that the chirping was coming from within the bush. He could hear Mrs. Garelick’s familiar voice calling him but now could hardly contain his curiosity to explore the source of the sound. He peered through the branches and let his eyes get accustomed to the darkness within. His eyes popped out and he tilted his head slightly in amazement. Among the mesh of thick and thinner branches and reeds, way deep inside was a carefully laid bunch of twigs arranged as a cuddly home for three baby warblers.

The babies felt hungry and started to let out little squeaks to call out to the parents. The parents were still busy gathering food. Henry happened to be standing nearby. He carefully took a few steps forward to take a closer look. They looked like yellow balls of fuzz. The tiny black eyes and beaks were the only identifying features tying them to the avian species. What a neat find!!

In his excitement, he hurried and stumbled forward, losing his balance. Whoosh! There he was right next to the nest, surrounded by the branches and darkness. He tried to kick with his little legs but his right foot got caught in the mesh of branches. For poor Henry, the thrill and excitement suddenly turned to fear. He lost interest in the cute yellow chicks and became worried about his own safety. Tears streamed down from his frightened eyes. He thought of shouting for his life but looked at the chicks, instead. The chicks were staring at him, in fear and excitement. They squeaked softly, though. Henry was glad that they were not panicking. He just whined and felt really sorry for himself.

Mrs. Garelick had waited couple minutes under the shade but became worried now. “Henry, Henry,” she called again trying hard to make it endearing even though it was loud. When there was no response she started to walk back to the place where she last saw Henry. But no one was there to be seen. She looked around in disbelief and was almost at the point of panicking. “Henry, Henry!!” , she was clearly audible. Something in her told that Henry must still be nearby. So she paused and listened carefully. She heard the soft breeze, some mild chirping and then a familiar whimpering that she knew too well. That must be Henry but where is he. Her eyes fell on the bunch of reed and mock orange bushes. She softly called out to her dear Henry and this time perked her ears to track the source of the whimpering. Sure enough there it was from the third bush on her right. Mrs. Garelick bend down and peered inside the bush. She saw the scared eyes of Henry staring back at her.

Carefully she rescued him from the bush and took him in her lap. He greeted her with a ton of sloppy licks and a loving “Woof! Woof!”

Why create a Brand and Mission Statement?


A brand is not just a logo, name, or a slogan to go with it. In today’s world branding is a complex entity that is of key importance to gain market presence. Here are some reasons to consider:

  • Emotionally connects your consumers with your product
  • Clear delivery of your message
  • Confirms your credibility
  • Motivates the buyer to buy
  • Creates user loyalty

Branding not only creates loyal customers, but also loyal employees. A well-designed and aligned brand builds trust and confidence in people. It helps employees understand the purpose of the organization they work for and feel part of something significant.

Let us go through a sample exercise on our own to experience this concept. See below:

Sample Exercise to create a personal or corporate mission statement

Step 1: What are your / your company’s core values?

Personal Example: Confidence, Mindfulness, Patience, Faith, Honesty, Kindness, Compassion, Hope, Empathy

Step 2: What makes you…

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Are you my Mentor?


Who is a mentor?                                                                                                

A quick answer to that question, is someone who solves your problems or provides advice. A better perspective to answer this is to consider thelong-term effect of mentoring. A mentor is one who successfully develops a mentee (the person she or he is mentoring). The interactions may be frequent or few and far between, but mentoring is a lasting relationship.

Oprah Winfreyexplained, “I mentor when I see something and say, ‘I want to see that grow’”

It is a mutual relationship that leaves no doubt in either’s mind.In most cases if you find yourself asking the question, “Are you, my mentor?”, then the answer is probably no.

It is not surprising that the benefits of mentoring are mutual because it comes from a positive aspect of human quality.

Benefits to the menteeBenefits to the mentor
Develops a supportive relationship

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The Gift of Ekadashi, the 11th day of the lunar cycle

On January 28th, 2022, I received a gift and it was the number 207. It led me to think of a pattern like below:


I thought of extending this to have a more general pattern using 112, 1112 etc by adding 111 or 1111 instead of adding 11. The pattern worked! I thought it was amazing.

Then I thought of trying with 2 as a starting. I was surprised to get this pattern.


Then I thought extending this pattern further as well.


Do you want to see another pattern ?


We can extend this further by adding to it further like 119 or 1119 etc. 😀

Why create a Brand and Mission Statement?

A brand is not just a logo, name, or a slogan to go with it. In today’s world branding is a complex entity that is of key importance to gain market presence. Here are some reasons to consider:

  • Emotionally connects your consumers with your product
  • Clear delivery of your message
  • Confirms your credibility
  • Motivates the buyer to buy
  • Creates user loyalty

Branding not only creates loyal customers, but also loyal employees. A well-designed and aligned brand builds trust and confidence in people. It helps employees understand the purpose of the organization they work for and feel part of something significant.

Let us go through a sample exercise on our own to experience this concept. See below:

Sample Exercise to create a personal or corporate mission statement

Step 1: What are your / your company’s core values?

Personal Example: Confidence, Mindfulness, Patience, Faith, Honesty, Kindness, Compassion, Hope, Empathy

Step 2: What makes you full / your product fulfilling to the customer?

Personal Example: Cooking for others. Sharing with others. Engage in creative work.

Step 3: What makes you / your product stand out?

Personal Example: People can depend on me. I care for people. People like my artwork. Attention to details.

Step 4: What impact will you / your product make?

Personal Example: Connect with people, move people, create stress relief, love and compassion through yoga, art, music.

Personal Mission Statement: Connect with people through creative activities and grow together.

Dojran Lake, Macedonia

Dojran Lake is shared between Macedonia and Greece and covers an area of 16.6 sq miles.

The legend about the formation of Dojran Lake says that in the old times, there was a well from which the people pumped water. Whenever people filled their buckets with water, they locked the well with 9 padlocks always after they are finished.

One day a beautiful girl called Dojrana headed to the well to pump water. The boy that she loved was waiting for her near the well. After she filled her buckets with water, Dojrana forgot to lock the last padlock, distracted by the boy’s caressing. The water overflowed the well and the whole district. A lake was formed and people named it after the beautiful girl Dojrana.

The lake is shallow, rich in minerals and nutrients and with extensive reedbeds. Due to the overuse of the lake’s water for agricultural purposes, Dojran’s water was nearly drained out. The disaster was avoided after both countries took measures to replenish and sustain water levels. Frequent and heavy rainfall in later years helped restore water levels in the lake.

The southern shore became the site of the various battles between allied troops and Bulgarian troops during World War I. A monument to one of the battles and two cemeteries for Greek and British troops stand on a hill a few hundred meters south of the lake.

বিজয় সম্ভাবনা

রুডিয়ার্ড কিপলিং এর IF কবিতার বাংলায় অনুবাদ

রশ্মি ভৌমিক
সফটওয়্যার ইঞ্জিনিয়ার
বোল্ডার কলোরাডো , যুক্তরাষ্ট্র


যদি মাথা ঠান্ডা রাখতে পার, যখন সবাই রাগ করে তোমার ওপর দোষ দেয়,

যদি তাদের সন্দেহ দৃষ্টিকোণ মার্জনা করে, পার ধরে রাখতে বিশ্বাসের হাত,

যখন সবাই তোমার উপর বিশ্বাস হারায়;

যদি সুদীর্ঘকাল আশার আলো জ্বালিয়ে রেখেও ক্লান্তির ছায়া পড়তে না দাও,

যখন সবাই সত্য লুকাচ্ছে, তখনও নিজে, মিথ্যার আশ্রয় না নাও,

লোকের বিদ্বেষের সম্মুখীন হয়েও যদি নিজের মনকে ঘৃণামুক্ত পাও,

নিজেকে  বড় বেশি ভালো আর প্রাজ্ঞ না  দেখিয়ে।


যদি তুমি স্বপ্ন দেখতে পার , স্বপ্নের দ্বারা চালিত না হয়ে.

যদি তুমি ভাবতে পার , অথচ ভাবনাকেই আপন লক্ষ না করে,

যদি জয় ও বিপর্যয়ের সম্মুখীন হতে পার
এবং দুই প্রতারকের সাথে একই আচরণ কর;

যদি অসৎ লোকের প্যাঁচে, নিজের বলা সত্যিকথাকে,
অসন্দিগ্ধ লোকের ফাঁদ হতে দেখেও বিচলিত না হও,

জীবন দিয়ে গড়া জিনিসগুলি, চোখের সামনে ভাঙতে দেখেও যদি
নিচু হয়ে, জীর্ণ সরঞ্জাম দিয়ে আবার গড়ার প্রচেষ্টা কর :


ঝুঁকিপূর্ণ খেলার চালে সব সঞ্চিত সাফল্য হারানো সাহস রাখ,

আবার নতুন করে শুরু করতে গিয়ে একবারও যদি দুঃখ প্রকাশ না কর,

হৃদয়, স্নায়ু এবং রক্তপেশির সব জোর দিয়ে,

নিজের ক্ষমতার বাইরে গিয়ে কর্তব্য পালন করতে,
ক্লান্তি ও নিরাশা উপেক্ষা করে, যদি পার একাগ্র নিষ্ঠায়, লেগে থাকতে,


যদি সাধারণ মানুষের ভাষায় কথা বলতে পার , নিজের সৎগুন বজায় রেখে,
অথবা রাজাদের সাথে তাল মিলিয়ে চলতে পার, সাধারণ মানুষ থেকে দূরত্ব না রেখে,

যদি শত্রু বা প্রিয় মিত্র কেউই তোমার মনে ব্যথা দিতে না পারে,

যদি সব মানুষই তোমার কাছে প্রাধান্য পায়, আর কেউই খুব বেশি নয়,

যদি ক্ষমাহীন মুহূর্তগুলিকে ভরিয়ে তুলতে পার প্রতি ক্ষণের সার্থক কাজে ,

তবে এই জগৎ আর তার অন্তর্ভুক্ত সব কিছু রবে তোমার আয়ত্তে

আর তার চেয়েও বড় – বৎস, তুমি একজন প্রকৃত মানুষ হবে||



If you can keep your head when all about you
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
But make allowance for their doubting too;
If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
Or being lied about, don’t deal in lies,
Or being hated, don’t give way to hating,
And yet don’t look too good, nor talk too wise:

If you can dream—and not make dreams your master;
If you can think—and not make thoughts your aim;
If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
And treat those two impostors just the same;
If you can bear to hear the truth you’ve spoken
Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,
Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken,
And stoop and build ’em up with worn-out tools:

If you can make one heap of all your winnings
And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss,
And lose, and start again at your beginnings
And never breathe a word about your loss;
If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
To serve your turn long after they are gone,
And so hold on when there is nothing in you
Except the Will which says to them: ‘Hold on!’

If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,
Or walk with Kings—nor lose the common touch,
If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you,
If all men count with you, but none too much;
If you can fill the unforgiving minute
With sixty seconds’ worth of distance run,
Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it,
And—which is more—you’ll be a Man, my son!

রুডিয়ার্ড কিপলিং একজন ব্রিটিশ সাংবাদিক ও সাহিত্যিক ছিলেন| উনি ভারতবর্ষে জন্মগ্ৰহণ করেছিলেন এবং উনার সাহিত্যে ভারতীয় সভ্যতার ছায়া পড়েছিল| “Jungle Book ” উনার অন্যতম বিখ্যাত রচনা |
ইংলিশ লিটারেচার এ নোবেল পুরস্কার পেয়েছিলেন, ১৯০৭ এ |

বিশ্ব বাংলা সাহিত্য সমাবেশ ৯ ও ১০ অক্টোবর ২০২১

উত্তর আমেরিকা বাংলা সাহিত্য পরিষদ আয়োজিত বিশ্ব বাংলা সাহিত্য সমাবেশ তৃতীয়বারের মত অনুষ্ঠিত হতে যাচ্ছে। এবারের সমাবেশটি হবার কথা ছিল নর্থ ক্যারোলিনার শার্লট শহরে। কোভিড-১৯ অতিমারির প্রকোপ যথেষ্ট পরিমাণে হ্রাস না পাওয়ায় সাহিত্য পরিষদ গত বছরের মত এবারেও মেঘমিলনের মাধ্যমে সমাবেশ আয়োজন করার সিদ্ধান্ত নিয়েছে। সমাবেশ অনুষ্ঠিত হবে পূর্ব নির্ধারিত তারিখেই – অক্টোবরের নয় ও দশ তারিখ, ২০২১, শনি ও রোববার।

সম্পূর্ণ অনলাইনে পরিবেশিত এই সমাবেশে যোগ দেয়ার জন্য জুম ভিডিও এপ্লিকেশন

ব্যবহার করতে হবে। এই এপ্লিকেশনটি বিনামূল্যে পাওয়া যাবে  জুমের ওয়েবসাইটে ।

নিবন্ধনের জন্য কোন চাঁদা ধার্য করা হয়নি এবারেও। তবে এবার সমাবেশে যোগ দেয়ার জন্য  নিবন্ধন আবশ্যক।নিবন্ধিত অতিথিগণ সমাবেশে যোগ দেবার জুম লিঙ্ক পাবেন যথাসময়ে ই-মেইল মারফত। সমাবেশের কার্যক্রম সরাসরি আন্তর্জালে সম্প্রচারিত হবে। মেঘ অধিবেশনগুলো রেকর্ড করা হবে। নিবন্ধনের শেষ তারিখ সেপ্টেম্বর ৩০, ২০২১।  

এই সংগঠন এবং সমাবেশের মূল লক্ষ্য বাংলাদেশ ও ভারতের বাইরে বিভিন্ন দেশে বসবাসরত সকল অনাবাসী বাঙালি সাহিত্যা্মোদীদের একটি প্ল্যাটফর্মে এনে দাঁড় করানো যেখান থেকে পারস্পরিক সাহিত্যচর্চার সংবাদ বিনিময় করতে পারবেন তাঁরা, পরস্পর পরপ্পস্পরের সৃষ্টি সম্পর্কে অবগত হবেন এবং অনাবাসে লেখার চর্চা,  প্রকাশনা ও প্রচারের সুবিধা অসুবিধা সম্পর্কে আলোচনা করতে পারবেন।এই যোগাযোগ ও পর্যালোচনা সকল অনাবাসী সাহিত্যিককে কোন না কোন ভাবে সমৃদ্ধ করবে – সকল অনাবাসী সাহিত্যরসিক বাঙালির একটি মিলিত ও জোরালো কন্ঠ সৃষ্টি হবে  যা তৃতীয় বাংলার কন্ঠস্বর বলে পরিচিত হবে।

Three questions – re-telling a short story by Leo Tolstoy

There was King who thought he needed the right answer to the following three questions in order to be successful. The questions were: What is the right time to begin something? Who were the most important people? What is the most important thing to do ?

He announced a hefty reward to the person who is able to give him the answers. A large group of wise men came and gave him all kinds of advice. “To know the right time requires a lot of planning ahead of time” Other said, “It is impossible to know the right time. But one must not engage in idle pastimes and do the needed work all the time” Yet others said, “In order to know the right time to begin one must consult a magician.”

Equally varied were the answers to the second question. Some said that ” A King needs his councilors the most.” Others proposed warriors, doctors and priests.

Some observed that it was most important to engage in scientific work. But opinions were varied and other answers like religion, art and warfare skills were also proposed.

Frustrated with the plethora of varied answers that he did not agree with, King rewarded no one but decided to visit the wise hermit who lived in the woods. Since the hermit received only common folk, the king dressed himself in ordinary clothes and asked his attendants to wait for him at a distance.

The King approached the hermit who was intently digging the soil. He was not very strong so the King, out of pity, offered to help him. The hermit passed him the spade. The King asked him the three questions while he was digging the soil. The hermit heard him but did not answer. Right before evening, the King was done with his work. At that point he asked him the questions again. The hermit interrupted him and brought his attention to a person who was approaching them, running. He had severe wounds from which blood was oozing out. The hermit decided to help the wounded man and started dressing his wounds. See the king also decided to help him. He bandaged the wound and changed it again and again multiple times over many hours till the blood stopped seeping out of the wound. It was late in the night by that time. The king took the man to a near by hut and laid him on the bed. He was very tired himself. So he sat at the threshold and fell into a deep sleep.

When the King woke up, he saw that the wounded man was looking at him from the bed. He smiled at the King and said, “Forgive me.” The King was surprised. “I do not know you. Why are you asking for forgiveness?”, he questioned. The wounded man explained how he had come to avenge the death of his brother that the King had defeated in a war. The man was hiding in the woods to kill the king in an ambush. But since the king did not return he came out of hiding and was spotted by the king’s guards. They shot and wounded him before he could escape and come to the hermit. Eventually the king saved his life.

The king decided to make friends with his former enemy. He still needed the answers to the three questions. So he found the hermit, again, at the same spot. This time, the hermit was planting seeds where the king dug the day before. He patiently repeated his questions waiting for an answer. The hermit replied, “Your questions were answered already.”

“What do you mean,” inquired the king puzzled.

“If you had not taken pity on me and worked on digging the beds, you would have returned early and be killed by your enemy. So the time you were digging the beds was the most important. I was the most important person to you and helping me was your most important work. Later, when the wounded man came running to us, the most important time was when you were dressing his wounds. If you had not saved his life, he could make peace with you. He was the most important person to you and helping him, your foremost job!”

The most important time for us is NOW! The most important person is the one you are with. And the most important affair is to do him good.