Once there were nine fish who swam in a big beautiful aquarium. There was a colorful backdrop that had pictures of corals and plants and colorful rocks. The bed of the aquarium had shells and interesting ornaments with plenty of places to hide and sleep.

There was a good supply of food sprinkled every morning and evening. Blacku, who was black as soot all over, was spending happy days in that aquarium. He was friends with all the other fish because he had a nice disposition and did not believe in getting in anyone’s ways.

The food supply was steady and consistent but there was a greedy fish among the group. His name was Dalmatian because he was white with big black spots all over. Dalmatian was growing fast as he gobbled a big portion of the food. He started to fight with Blacku and speedily grab the morsels of food floating near him even before he could get to it. Blacku would go looking for food in other directions.

One week went by he seemed to be getting less and less food every day. Read more

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