Ramblings of an introspective mind

In recent weeks, I have started to experience my life at a deeper level. At this juncture of middle-age, I have been experiencing loss in a palpable form. Relationships, built over several years, are coming to an abrupt end because of the mortality of human life. Why do we tend to take for granted the moments we have to spend on this earth? It makes more sense to acknowledge the limited duration of human life, my life!!
The opportunity to experience the intricate scenes and complex character interactions are way superior to any state-of-the-art video games. Our five senses are presented countless stimuli to enhance the experience to any elevated level we choose to handle. Yet, today’s generation of humans chooses to numb their sensitivity to the REAL world. They immerse themselves in the man-made, half-baked electronic world of social media and multi-dimensional graphics. A word to summarize this situation is “RIDICULOUS!”
We choose to take a break from the real game to engage in some primitive exercise to consume a large portion of our energy and day. This is a form of alcoholism, where senses are numbed without chemicals but the result is the same.
So, my humble attempt these days is to increase my awareness of my surroundings. I try to be more conscious of the implication of a real-life situation. I want to look at it from various angles and analyze how to tackle it in the best fashion that enhances my life experience.

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