Finding the way


After reading that experience from my past, the galactic distance separating us collapsed. You have spoken to me about “the way” in many encounters in the past two days. I am indeed thankful for these private interactions. Please urge me forward on another mysterious journey.

I am sorry I rubbed a certain person in the wrong way, this morning. Is it good to let people know their shortcomings or is it not? That is the big question here.

We often do it to people, who we have a right over. That is not such a good thing because, from some perspective, that is exploitation. Or is it a favor in disguise because it may end up making them see it and correct it? But in reality, these are so complicated that who knows what the truth is. Is it all preplanned by you my dear?

Whatever the turn of events, I will tread your path with patience and faith. This thought is not for me to share or even establish as good. This is my approach to advance in the jungle of doubt and logic. With these weapons, I slash down the crooked branches that conceal the way, in a web of impenetrable darkness. I surge ahead, with the last drop of strength and courage left in me. Before I give up, the sunlight reveals the way. It shines upon the path, no one has explored before. It invites me with a seductive glance. When I face it with all honesty, it turns away. My tears are about to douse the light of hope. Like magic, water transforms into embalming patience that keeps the light burning strong.

As we continue the intimate conversation, from outside it appears to be a soliloquy. In reality, though, you are communicating to me through every particle in time and space. Each muscle in my heart is bursting with gratitude. How can I hold on to this excitement without going insane?

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