Paro: Waiting for Devdas

Devdas is a Bengali romantic tragedy written by Sarat Chandra Chatterjee in the year 1900. After the novel was published in 1917 it gained tremendous popularity. In the following 100 years it has been made into 19 movies in 8 different Indian languages including a silent movie in 1928.

This love story of two star-crossed lovers is set in a rich orthodox Bengali society under the British rule. However, the novel transcends the barriers of time and tradition and truly becomes the message of tenderness, longing, torment and craziness of young lovers who are doomed to remain ununited like Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.

Paro is patiently waiting for Devdas with her heart overflowing with love, but her mind is filled with innumerable worries and misgivings. She finally surrenders to the depths of her emotion to guide her through the journey, inwards. We see her waiting eternally for her true love as she transforms into the embodiment of LOVE itself!

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