Gita: Chapter 4- Gyan Yoga

When the seeker is burning in the fire of knowledge, all his desires are burnt to ashes. Lord Krishna tells Arjuna that He taught the secret knowledge to Vivaswan, who taught it to Manu. Manu passed on this knowledge to Ikshvaku. Over the ages this knowledge had been passed on from generation to generation. However, with time this knowledge got lost in translation. Lord Krishna is teaching this Supreme secret to Arjuna, who is his devotee and friend because a devotee is very dear to the Lord. Arjuna was surprised at this. He remarked that Lord Krishna was born after Vivaswan was born. How could You, Lord Krishna, have taught this at the beginning of time? The Lord answered. Even though I am unborn and unchanging and the ruler of Nature, I take birth in this material world of Maya. Whenever, chaos rules and there is decay of righteousness and Evil rules the world, then I manifest Myself. For protecting the people who are engaged in good deeds, for destroying those who are taking the side of wrong and for establishing pure values of mankind, I am reborn in every yuga ( period of time that is more than 20,000 years). Dear Arjuna, the human being, who realizes this Supreme Truth and My true nature, after abandoning his material body, is not born again but unites with Me. In the past, being free from fear, anger and attachment, taking refuge in Me and purified by the fire of knowledge, many devoted souls have attained union with Me.

In whatever way they perceive Me, I carry out their desires. Men and women tread My Path in many different ways, O Partha. People dream or wish something and finally through their ceaseless effort it becomes reality. That aspect of consciousness, from where thoughts and dreams arise is Divine. The driver of every invention, that which results in every dream fulfilled is hidden in the same source. Everyone is seeking the Divine in different ways. When one recognizes Divinity, one is awe. It appears only momentarily. One is in awe when one’s mind is open and empty and not cluttered with routines. There is divinity everywhere, where one recognizes it , depends on one’s predisposition. Same God is adored in different forms for attaining definite and different results. Same wheat is used in roti, pasta, noodles or pizza to achieve different tasting dishes. There are many forms of worship that allows people to obtain success through actions. People need to perform actions to fulfill their desires. In this world, only action can result in dream fulfillment. According to their inclination and the nature of their action, I have created the four-fold caste system among the people. There are four types of doers – the intellectuals, the fighters/protectors, the business people, and the working class. Every community all over the world has these four types of people. This differentiation is based on the nature and action of a person. This caste system is not according to one’s birth. It was misinterpreted in India, in the recent past, when the profession was getting passed on through generations within the family.

Even though I am the author of this differentiation on the basis of action, know Me as the Non-doer and Immutable. The Self is untouched by the action. A part of the inner Self that is unchanging is not bound by this inclination towards one type of action. One many change the nature of their action during their lifetime. They can be a worker and later become a business man. One may study engineering but later on become a sportsman. It is important to recognize one’s limited sphere of action and qualities. One may be qualified to a businessman or teacher etc. However, there is one aspect of us that is not tainted by these qualities of action and remains unchanged. This knowledge of the unchanging Self gives one tremendous strength in the midst of tremendous external changes. Nothing really matters. The Self is indestructible and will never be destroyed. Knowing this, keep doing your actions, as many seekers have done in the past. They are living examples

Even the intelligent people are perplexed about what is to be done and what is not to be done. So I will tell you about the true nature of action and inaction so that you are freed from evil and the cycle of Karma. It is necessary to discriminate right action, wrong or forbidden action and inaction. One needs to understand when one has to act, when one has be indifferent and what actions are forbidden. Unfathomable are the ways of Karma. No action is totally perfect. Every good action has imperfections and some imperfect actions have good coming out of it. There is a lot of confusion about the analysis of action. Hence Lord Krishna says ” He who recognizes inaction in action and action in inaction is the wise one, the Yogi and the achiever of all actions.”

When mind is clam and free from desires and worries, then awareness dawns. Awareness is the mother of all wisdom. Mistakes happen because of lack of awareness. When desires are dropped, mind is steady and settled, then the brilliance/ wisdom in you comes up. You are consumed by awareness as fire consumes the wood. The fire of knowledge burns the past karma —frees you of any blemish of the past. In this world there is nothing more purifying than knowledge. The arrogance of knowledge is counterproductive though. The seeker can go through the path by himself but cannot reach the perfection. One has to achieve perfection only through yoga with the Self. Only time will bring that to you. Willingness to learn and having a control over the senses. One who doubts, will never be happy in this world or the next. Divine is a rhythm (Ritam) , wave function of the Universe. Get in touch with the being that is sitting in a throne in your heart. Through this union (Yoga), you will be centered and get over the doubts through wisdom and knowledge. Such a seeker will not be bound by karma.

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